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Orders Closed

Hi guys 

So due the super high amount of orders our processing time is raising and we keep receiving negative feedback, even after we keep messaging, emailing and spreading the word on our social media about the new SHIPPING DATES and when the orders are going to be shipped.

So because of all of this we decided to put the orders down till the current ones are ALL shipped !!

I'm so sorry for all the inconvenient , we are a small team of 2 people only so we can't do more that we are already doing at the moment!!

you will be able to still see our shop and products but orders can't be placed.

We are expecting to re-open orders on the next 2 weeks max!


Also some more exciting news will be added to our shop and to our product range.

Thank you so much for the support on the past 5 years !!! 

Kawaii Bdsm Team